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Color Form Bodywork

Color Form Bodywork

Hotbodies Racing takes pride in creating industry-first innovations like our NEW Color Form Race Bodywork, for
the world's most competitive motorcycles. This new process developed by Hotbodies Racing, brings a new solution to painting your race or track day weapon, just add fasteners, sponsor decals and you're off to the track!

This proprietary Color Form process is a paint-less process that can replace the expensive cost of painting a single color race bike, which allows racers and track day enthusiasts to save time and money while still looking professional if a custom paint job is not needed. The color is incorporated into the shape of the material using proprietary resins that allow flexibility and do not compromise on weight. Not only that,
but the color is stronger and more durable than standard automotive grade paints; you can even buff the finish to a high gloss shine that looks pro.

Race teams worldwide use Hotbodies Racing Motorcycle Bodywork for one reason; to win races and championships. There is no compromising in professional competition. Our high-quality motorcycle bodywork not only performs to those standards, it's priced for a privateer’s budget.

- Add fasteners, decals and get to the track!

- Light Weight, durable Four-harness fiberglass.
- Ultra Flexible for easy installation.
- Kevlar reinforced mounting areas.
- AMA/WSBK Legal oil containment belly pan.
- Race Contingency paid in the USA.

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Hotbodies Racing Color Form Bodywork