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Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2008-12 Undertail

Wanna make your ninjette look faster? This NEW Ninja 250R SBK undertail gives your bike an aggressive look of speed, this top-quality constructed undertail has endured hours of R&D to create the best-looking, highest-performing, machine- made design around! This Undertail gives your bike a modern and aggressive racey look and requires little modifications, and best of all, it's painless to install.

The SBK Undertail is produced in 1/8 ABS plastic, similar
to original factory fairings, with each being shaped, CNC trimmed and finally hand-finished for a total quality fit.  Our undertails are professionally coated with automotive-class paints that match perfectly to factory codes - then ultimately fitted with Hotbodies' newest and brightest LED blinkers
and license plate light, to keep it legal on the streets. Also Produced in translucent smoked acrylic, the Smoked kit hides the break light when turned off, but becomes fully visible when the bike is on.

NEW!!! Updated instructions ease fitting and make undertail more secure, click the "EZ ON link to the right to download today!

• ABS Plastic Undertails w/ Lights.
• License plate mounting kit.
• All mounting hardware.
• Installation instructions with photos.
• Made in the USA!

Having trouble with your turn signals flashing?
This part will fix it!

Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2008-12 Undertail
4/5 Rating with 1 Reviews

Kawasaki Undertail Options

Gloss Black 08-13' - Undertail
Lime Green 08-11' - Undertail
Candy Lime Green 12-13' - Undertail
Passion Red 08' - Undertail
Transparent Smoke - 08-13' Undertail
Unpainted White 08-13' - Undertail

2008-12 Ninja 250R photo
2008 Ninja 250R Undertail photo08-09 Ninja 250R undertail photoninja 250R photoNinja 250 Undertail photoNinja 250R Undertail instructions
Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2008-12 Undertail


First I want to say the undertail looks fantastic when the install is complete! I installed the smoked undertail on my wife’s 09 Ninja 250R. However, there are some pitfalls you’ll need to avoid that aren’t covered in the instruction. The install took me about day and a half, in all actuality about 4 hours of actual install time (I stated fairly late in the day and couldn’t get to the parts store before they closed). I also step a few hours on the net researching why the LEDs weren’t working properly. Anyway, the instructions you get with the undertail are terrible B&W copies, and are barely readable. I looked up the instructions online. They’re the same instructions that ship with the part but these are easier to read and in color. If you’re installing the undertail on a Ninja 250R like I did, you’ll need to get a new 2 pole electronic flasher relay from any auto parts store. They’re about $4 or so at Autozone. You need the new relay because the undertail comes with LED turn signals. The LEDs don’t draw enough power to operate the stock mechanical relay so they won’t work without the electronic relay. Hotbodies should really include a new relay with the Ninja 250R kit. A quick Google search will result in just about everyone who’s installed LEDs on this bike had the same problem. Also, if you already have LEDs for your front turn signals (I do), in addition to the relay you’ll also need two diodes, otherwise all four turn signals will flash at the same time regardless of which ones you intended to turn on (left or right). Again, do a Google search and you’ll find how to wire them in and specifics on why you need them. As for the rest of the install, it was pretty straight forward, however I didn’t have to trim my stock battery box and undertail like the instructions said. Everything fit correctly right out of the box. So I guess I got lucky? I do have a few gripes though. How Hotbodies chooses to mount the rear taillight is a joke! It’s not held in with any mounting screws at all, which really bothers me. It’s just wedged between the Hotboddies undertail, the rear sub frame and the battery box! Seems to work? But I’ve only ridden the bike around the block thus far. We’ll see after a few hundred miles or so if it’s still snug. I’ve already mention the relay issue. Lastly is how they choose to mount the license plate. Two cheap L brackets that you can get at any Home Depot or Lowes! And there’s no specific place to mount them! You’re just supposed to eyeball it and drill two holes in your nice new undertail! They really should have done better in these areas. All in all it’s a great looking product once compete. It just needs a little fit and finish here and there!



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