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BMW S1000RR 2010-11 Race Bodywork

Top Factory supported teams like HANNspree Ten Kate Honda (WSBK/WSS), Team Reitwagen BMW (WSBK), Antonio Banderas' Promo Racing (Moto2), Monster M4 Suzuki (AMA), Vesrah Suzuki (AMA), BMW Canada and many more teams worldwide use Hotbodies Bodywork for one reason; to win races and championships. There is no compromising in professional competition. Our high-quality bodywork not only performs to those standards, it's priced for a privateers budget.

- This Race bodywork does NOT work with the stock exhaust headers.

- 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!
- Lightest bodywork available on the market.
- Four-harness fiberglass fabric for extra durability.
- Ultra Flexible for easy installation.
- Kevlar reinforced mounting areas.
- Finished in an automotive grade urethane primer;
  Light Gray on the outside, black on the inside.
- AMA/WSBK Spec oil containment belly pan.

BMW S1000RR 2010-11 Race Bodywork
4.8/5 Rating with 4 Reviews

BMW Race Bodywork Options

Complete WHITE - (UP, LW, TS, FF)
Complete Set
Race Upper
Race Lower
Race Tail Section
Race Seat Pan
Race Front Fender
Race Windscreen - Clear

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BMW S1000RR 2010-11 Race Bodywork


Just got the tail section, was shipped fast and is very high quality

Joe Behlmann

BMW S1000RR 2010-11 Race Bodywork


For those of you that are in need of a new set of bodywork...I wanted to take a minute to provide my personal views of the Hotbodies stuff. I've used different manufactures before as well as the older stuff from Hotbodies so I do have something to compare to. I first tried Hotbodies bodywork years ago when they were at the grand finals in Atlanta. I got a couple of sets because they were selling a decent price and because they had such a presence at the WERA event. The old stuff did the job but it did seem a little too rigid and the finish was not the best. These issues didn't matter to me too much because I have the time to spend on minor issues like that.

Now, fast forward to this new set of bodywork that I just got for the S1000...A LOT has changed with Hotbodies. The major differences that I immediately noticed were:
1) Everything was individually wrapped in bubble wrap ensuring that there were no scratches or nicks with anything.

2) Everything is a lot less rigid, more flexible.

3) The finish is a lot better than before. I only had one very small spot by the mirror mount on the upper that required any filler. This was such a minor spot that I could have just used some primer to fill the spot in but I was too lazy to go through the trouble of that. The only thing I did before adding paint besides the filler in that one spot was wet sand briefly and the finish come out great.

4) when I fit tested the bodywork I was expecting the process to be more time consuming than it was. With the old bodywork, it wasn't a simple matter of drilling the center of the securing location but with the new stuff that is all I did. After eyeballing everything when just holding the bodywork in place I decided to just drill in the center of the indicator marks and try it out. Everything fit great the first try!

After I painted everything and have had a few chances to take the bodywork off and put it back on, I continue to be impressed with it. I don't have to force anything in place nor worry about anything cracking. It goes in place just like it should.

I've heard people debate the crash worthiness of different bodywork and unfortunately, I've had the chance to put the new Hotbodies to the test. Again, I was impressed with how it performed but I still think it's just the luck of the draw when it comes to crashes when comparing anything on the bike. Sometimes it works out good and sometimes it doesn't.

Mike Wall
WERA #326

Mike Wall


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