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Hotbodies Racing is proud to release its latest MGP exhaust kit for the new generation Kawasaki Ninja 300. The MGP growler exhaust kits have set the benchmark for high performance slip-on exhaust kits out on the market. The short canister design has been the modern trend and the MGP exhaust has lead the charge. 

This kit features a small carbon fiber muffler and stainless mid-pipe that will enhance the look of your motorcycle as well as provide increased horsepower and reduce weight substantially. Plus it will give you that aggressive race sound that everyone loves! 

Constructed out of lightweight yet very durable carbon fiber/stainless steel, these pipes are built to last. This slip-on kit requires zero modification to your motorcycle and will include all mounting hardware as well as installation diagrams, making it as easy as possible. The MGP growler exhaust’s aggressive styling and mean sound is guaranteed to turn heads, and at a price that is hard to resist. The MGP growler system is a sure win!

Complimented by Hotbodies Racing’s street components such as windscreen, rear hugger, and undertail, this MGP exhaust will give you that race track styling and performance you want.


- No Modifications Necessary
- Direct OEM Replacement
- No Re-mapping Necessary
- Made In Italy!



Kawasaki Ninja 300 2013-14 MGP Exhaust
5/5 Rating with 2 Reviews

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Kawasaki Ninja 300 2013-14 MGP Exhaust


Just installed the MGP on my Ninja 300 and its great took me about 20 minuetes or less to do and it sounds awesome this exhaust will make you want to get some pucks and hit the track I like my bike even more now thanks to Hotbodies



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